A lost art? Say it isn’t so!


Fuel The Soul Today

A modern-day woman with a Jane Austen period state of mind?

This weekend, I came across an adult who simply forgot their basic manners. You know, saying “thank you,” being friendly, being polite and so on… So while enjoying my weekend coffee, I started thinking, what happened to basic manners? And as I thought more on it, what happened to being a gentleman and lady? Is this a lost art in the 21st century?

Say it isn’t so!

In today’s age, when many of us women refer to ourselves as “strong, independent women ” and I do, does that mean that we can no longer appreciate a gentleman?

I don’t think so.

I may not be in the majority these days, but I still appreciate men who know how to treat women with some basic manners and exhibit gentlemen qualities. Even as a self-proclaimed strong woman, my mission in life is not to

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