Support Your Partner’s Passion

heart-songs-little-things.jpgWhen we talk about attraction and the things that bring people together, shared values and common interests top the list of positive attraction factors. However, we will also have individual passions. While you may love to cook together, travel together, attend festivals together… there will always be different passions, hobbies, and things that may not be of interest to one another. I LOVE coffee, you may like tea (although I will strongly question you as a human being ha). I LOVE The Office, Game of Thrones, CBS Sunday Morning, and Chris may not. I may love writing as a way to release and communicate certain thoughts, you may love non-stop verbal communication.  But at the end of the day, we may like to hike together, spend time at the gym, and go on adventures because we truly enjoy each other’s company.

However, it is perfectly OK to do things apart and have different passions outside of our relationships. We all to some degree love having alone time and doing things that fuel our individual needs…our souls. But just because we have different passions, it doesn’t mean we can’t support one another. Unless it’s damaging to someone’s general well being, support your partners passion and/or hobby.

Show respect. The worst thing you can do is to belittle or show distaste for their passion.

Encourage their efforts by words. Learn more by asking your partner why he/she is interested in this hobby or passion.

Encourage by action. If their passion is hiking, the gym or sports, try joining them once in a while (if they want you to).

While you are supporting your partner, allow your partner to support you too. Be a couple that fosters the other’s passions.

To all of my Fuel The Soul Today friends, the best kind of relationships are those where you aggressively love each other, believe in each other, support each other and think the other deserves the world.

Today’s music compliments of my man Vance Joy, Lay it On Me.  For those of us who still believe in old fashion LOVE. 

Fuel The Soul


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