The Dark Cloud and the Rising Sun


I have written and tried to publish this on several occassions. There were times I wrote out of anger. There were times I wrote due to the pain I experienced. But every time, I walked away from writing. Each time, hoping to find the joy I once had in blogging. Not out of anger, pain, or revenge. But out of love and healing. 

And there it was. Hovering over me like a dark cloud.

Sometimes, people change. It’s life. It happens. Change can be good. But for some, change can be…oh so bad and destructive.

Twenty plus years. That is how long I have known this person. I am amazed, not only by their change, but their path of destruction to so many undeserving people. When someone you know and were once close to lies, is hurtful with their words, abandons responsibilities, and hurts those you love, then its hard not to take that personally. I admit, it has taken me some time to bounce back from this. After some tearful nights with my #LittleLove, family, and friends, I knew that all of this was reassurance that in the end, I made the right decision to remove them from my life.

But in times like these, I have to figure out the best way to cope. Getting through the tough times in life can be just a little bit easier when you can rely on certain people and methods.

  • Know that is is OK to rely on your family. I am lucky I have two sets that were there for me.
  • Do you have a close circle of friends? Let them be there for you. I am so blessed with my friends who came to my side to comfort me, love me, and to bring laughter when I needed it the most. I am forever grateful for them.
  • Speak your truth to the person responsible for all of this. I did not back down. I spoke MY TRUTH.
  • Trust yourself and stick to your core beliefs.   
  • Be the master of your own emotions. 
  • Guard and protect those you love the most.
  • Prayers. I PRAYED long and hard. I relied on my FAITH and my HIGHER POWER.
  • Surround yourself with good people.
  • Do things that make you happy. For me, it’s time with my tribe and loved ones.
  • Prepare for the future. Not out of revenge, but out of LOVE.

When someone harms you, your first thought may be how to get back at them. Don’t do it. It’s not healthy.  Simply remove yourself from the bad situation.

When I look at this person now, I think, who do they have? They have alienated their family and long term friends. They only have a few people who have yet to see the true person that lies within them. I wonder if they ever self-reflect? Do they see a life full of happiness, or sadness and regrets? And when the time comes to meet their maker, could they say, ” I lived my best self. “ Could they say, “I treated my loved ones and others with respect.” Could they say, “I did my best.”

FTST Sun2To my dark cloud. You will not continue to hover over us. I can only pray that you see what you are missing out of in life by not living your best life and that it changes you for the good. Life is beautiful. Life is a gift. And knowing this, life can be an amazing adventure, rather than one of causing pain, sadness, and regrets.

We should all strive to live our best self. To be a good person.  Living a life full of LOVE and HONESTY feels of so good! But if you choose the other path, don’t bring us all down with you.

My beautiful and bright sun rises now. 

Fuel The Soul Today



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