Easy Like a Sunday Morning: (Series 12) Can it be easy on a flu day?

My sweet #LittleLove has the flu. Yup, for the second year in a row, she has been hit with this nasty, unwelcome virus. I spent another morning checking temperatures, giving medicines, and disinfecting light switches, door knobs, the couch, her pencils, rulers…if I think she touched it, I tried to disinfect it! This mommy has never had the flu, and I am praying to GOD that this is not the year!

But right now, everyone is asleep. I finished some cleaning and I am taking the time to enjoy the quiet house with my coffee and Marie Kondo book. But as I sit here and take some time to reflect on my Sunday morning and weekend, is it easy like a Sunday morning? My thoughts immediately go to the SILVER LININGS.

  • I am THANKFUL for the long weekend to be able to take care of my #LittleLove.
  • I have AMAZING help this weekend at home.
  • I am able to buy the proper medicines.
  • We are in a warm house on these cold winter days.
  • We have food.
  • We have LOVE.

img_7580So this Sunday, while this flu has invaded our home. I choose to smile as I care of my sweet girl. I choose to show her the comfort she so desperately craves and needs from her mommy. I choose to be thankful for the support I have received and the means to take care of her.

And let’s be honest…I am BEYOND THANKFUL for my coffee. The magic serum keeping me awake and happy.

Happy Sunday.

Fuel The Soul


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