2018 Reflections & Ciao 2019!

Late post, written on the morning of 01/06/2019

Hello everyone!

I have been a bit behind with my blog. The holidays were incredibly busy with family and friends, which was fantastic! My #LittleLove was on holiday break from school and my Christmas surprise gift for her took me some time to complete. I spent the first week of the new year taking care of our sick pup, #LittleCharles, but happy to say that he appears to be back to his old self again. Thank goodness, he gave us a huge scare!

I came downstairs this morning before everyone else to have some coffee and quiet time. We had a late night with our neighborhood family and I could probably use the sleep, but as you all know, I am one of those people who craves my early morning coffee and alone time.

This morning, I am a remembering a conversation last night where a few of my favorite friends said “2019 is the year I do this…and this…and this…” I LOVED all of their comments and goals. I stood back and took it all in. I loved how everyone was encouraging as we talked through it all with humor, laughter, and genuine care for each other. But this morning, I realized I didn’t mention a goal. In fact, I did not set any new ones this year to date.

In January 2018, I wrote a blog called the A Reason? A Season? A LifeTime? I can recall my state of mind at that time. There were some changes in my life and a three minute phone call that would change the course of my year. There was sadness, relief, a sense of excitement of the unknown, but most importantly, a sense of peace that would set the tone for the year.

I am incredibly blessed as 2018 turned out to be an excellent year!

  • I welcomed wonderful new people into my life. Thank you for loving and supporting me!
  • I traveled to Rome with my #LittleLove where we had the most amazing experience with my #LittleLove. The food, the sights, and some extremely humbling religious experiences were incredible. It was a trip of a lifetime!
  • I explored Nashville, had some fun Atlanta trips, hiked mountain trails, and enjoyed another fun week with my family in Florida.
  • I completed another Spartan race with good friends. AROOOO!
  • Work was super busy and I am so blessed to be able to have a flexible job where I can provide for my little family and also be available for my #LittleLove’s events.
  • I am raising the most amazing beautiful and well- mannered girl.
  • We started the holidays by hosting our 7th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. It was so much fun again!
  • I rang in the New Year with some of my closest friends and my #LittleLove.
Two fun girls at our 7th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. 

All of these were amazing, but my favorite part of 2018, of course in addition to Rome, was spending quality time with my friends and family. I do wish I lived closer to all of them, because I miss them like crazy.

So when thinking of 2019, my goals are to continue on my current path. I want to continue to travel and enjoy life with the most amazing family and friends. I am one LUCKY woman to have them all in my life!

I am taking an excerpt from my 2017 and 2018 posts and updating it a bit.

Another Spartan race in the books! AROOO!

Don’t  wait for it. Go out & make a CHANGE. Continue to SMILE more. Be EXCITED about life. Do NEW things. Throw away what you’ve been cluttering. Unfollow negative people on social media. Surround yourself with POSITIVE poeple. Enjoy time with FRIENDS. Be FIERCE. Keep HONEST. Stay LOYAL. TRAVEL whenever possible. Stay HUMBLE. PRAY more. Don’t gossip. Never stop LEARNING. Show more GRATITUDE. Do things that CHALLENGE you. Be BRAVE. 

Below are some pics from our 2018 Italy trip where we took tours of the Vatican and The Colliseum. We climbed to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica. We sat in the Sistene Chapel. We explored ancient ruins, traveled to San Giovanni, visted many beautiful cathedrals, including St. Ignatius. We sat in the Pantheon, people watched at the Spanish Steps, and ate gelato at the Trevi Fountain. It was a trip of a lifetime! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below are some of my favorite 2018 pictures with my best friend!

Happy 2019 everyone!

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