There She Goes… (Music by The La’s)

img_6395“There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through’ my brain
And I just can’t contain
This feelin’ that remains”

It has been a busy few weeks. Thanksgiving with friends and family, our Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, sports commitments, getting ready for Christmas… you know the drill.

Last Friday, I picked up my #LittleLove from school and viola practice. I pulled into the parking garage downtown.

G4Me: I have an errand to run.

#LittleLove: I really wish we could eat dinner tonight at Trio. It’s my favorite downtown, but I know we are busy mom and we need to save money.

I walked straight to Trio. I actually did not have an errand. Our lives have been so busy, I just wanted to simply surprise her! I wanted to have alone time and dinner with my favorite girl at one of her favorite restaurants. She hugged me at least 6 times, smiled, told me how shocked she was, and even at the age of 9, she sat in my lap until the food came holding my hand tightly. Thanks to a lovely waitress by the name of Faith who made this little girl’s night by giving her a second bread (According to #LL, the best bread in the world. Reminder-this kid has traveled to Paris and Italy, but Trio has her fav bread).   It’s the little things in life. Like quality time and…well…bread.

G7I sat there and stared at her for a bit. This girl of mine is super amazing. She makes me smile. She makes me happy. She makes this sometimes tough world a bit easier to navigate. We are two simple gals that have conquered so much already…together.

Every night, we end the evenings with:

I love you.

You are my best friend.

#LittleLove is turning into a beautiful young lady. She is smart, funny and full of life. But what makes me happier…she is so KIND and full of LOVE.

That my friends is something to be PROUD of.

Here’s to you baby…


Fuel The Soul


A surprise dinner at one of her favorite restaurants meant this mom got extra hugs and smiles. It’s the little things in life. 

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