Easy Like a Sunday Morning: (Series 11) Begin Each Day with a Grateful Heart

It’s been awhile since I have posted one of these.

It’s another rainy morning. I came down to be greeted by  handsome hungry pup. After making a pot of coffee, I  turned on all of the Christmas lights and sat here in silence and to enjoy the smell of our beautiful tree.

Yesterday was not a typical day. I slept in, while it was much needed, it put me in a position to have to rush out the door, drive to the wrong destination, be late, and the rest of the day seemed to follow in an unfortunate series of mishaps. I can tell it greatly affected my attitude. It happens right? Not all days are good days. (OK, looking for a pass here my friends!)

But…I missed something very important yesterday. I missed truly appreciating one of favorite people. The person that made me coffee yesterday and let the pup out in the early morning hours. The person that organized things around the house, did the dishes, helped me in the cold weather to organize the garage, and sat through a dinner…when I butchered one of his all time favorite dishes.

Ughhh. I lost a bit of my gracefullness yesterday. I should have taken the time to really say… THANK YOU! I mean I know I said “thanks!” several times throughout the day, but it’s how you feel about it in your heart when you say it right?

A moment of gratitude, makes a different in attitude.

fts 1So this morning, with my coffee, Christmas music, Chrtistmas decor, and pup nearby, I prepare to make breakfast with grateful heart.

Begin each day with a grateful heart.

Fuel The Soul



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