Appreciate Your Friendships…NOW!

These two silly gals are kind of my everything!

Short and sweet…

TRUE friends make us happy. They allow us to be silly, they laugh with us, cry with us on bad days, and stand by us on the truly tough days. They accept us despite the faults we possess. They are invaluable.

I have been so incredibly lucky. I have managed to maintain most of my intimate friendships for over 20 years. And to top it off, I added on a few more good ones!

My fabulous SC gal pals.

As the saying goes, tomorrow is never promised. So love and take care of the people who are in your life. We are so often caught up in our own destination, that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially with the beautiful souls in our lives. If you are one of those people that does not appreciate your good friendships, just remember, life is short and can change in an instant. Always let them know how much you appreciate them. 

Outside of my family, these are some of my all time, absolute life favs! We have shared so much over the years. Some secrets and conversations will be carried to our graves 🙂 


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10 Reasons Why Friendships Are Invaluable
By: Grace Fearon

  1. Emotional support
  2. They believe in us when we don’t
  3. They are personal advisers
  4. They make us laugh
  5. Provide new perspectives
  6. They tell us the truth
  7. They let us reveal our true selves
  8. They accept our faults
  9. We face issues together
  10. They make time for us.

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