Relax and enjoy the day. (Downtown Greenville, SC edition)


After a commitment yesterday morning, I was determined to spend the rest of the day taking it easy. 

I went downtown with a tribe member to simply enjoy the open air Saturday Morning Market. There was a suggestion to bring running clothes, hit the trails, and so on. I shot that down quickly! I suggested we simply take the day to enjoy our little downtown, eat on the market street, enjoy the coffee shops, and local businesses. We had no other place to be. No timeline.

It was beautiful day.

I didn’t take any pics of brunch, but we ate  shrimp and grits and an amazing crepe on a bench outside. Thanks Soby’s New South Cuisine for my favorite Saturday morning market food stand! You never disappoint. We had a smoothie at one of my local favorites, Southern Pressed Juicery. If you are local. check them them out. It is one of my favorite places downtown. The ingredients are so fresh and refreshing. We walked around and checked out some local businesses, before taking the time to have some coffee and tea at Methodical Coffee. This place makes me happy. The baristas here take the time to make a perfect cup of coffee. For a coffee lover like me, this is pure heaven. A fresh pour over coffee? Yes, please! Here, we took the time to just sit, drink, and enjoy a nice conversation. Methodical pics below.

At the end of the day, my tribe member admitted that it felt really good to be able to enjoy our day, our time together, and our beautiful town.

When you spend your weekdays juggling life with a full time job, being a parent, and going from commitment to commitment, sometimes you simply need a day to just take it easy. Life can be overwhelming. Things are getting more and more fast paced and we focus so much on trying to keep up with the world and we don’t take the time to enjoy where we are.  That old cliche saying, take the time and smell the roses. 

Thank you Greenville, SC for the “roses.”

Today’s music is compliments of Jack Johnson.

Fuel The Soul




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