Do we have room in this “love fest?”

The #AdventureGirls have been on the move again.  We recently spent another fabulous week in Florida. We like to call it our “annual pilgrimage” to visit my favorite friend in the world and to spend time with my amazing family. It was just what the doctor ordered (minus some work hours I had to put in – eeek). We had so much fun with our loved ones and hope this tradition continues for years to come. While at the airport on the way to Florida, my #LittleLove held my hand and said, “this is one of my absolute favorite family traditions – going to Florida year after year.” Well, me too my love!  Me too.

img_2395But as I got back and looked through some of the pics, I took the time to reflect on this beautiful 9 year old and our relationship. Her personality, her observations, her discussions with me, her openness, and our relationship… is changing.

She is more vocal about our future. She speaks her mind, and freely gives her opinions. My goodness, where did this come from! HA!

These last 3.5 years , we have learned so much about ourselves. We learned that we are truly strong ladies. We learned that life can be adventurous. We learned that we can rely on each other, talk to each other about everything, and even on our bad days, we can still sneak in each others bedroom to cuddle and barely say a word. Because sometimes, a hug and a smile fixes all the bad things about our days.

This year has been full of changes. As we welcome new friends and relationships into our lives, we talk about our future more. Would anyone put up with our dance parties at 6:00 am? Would others enjoy our non-stop love for music streaming throughout the house at all hours? Will they understand our passion for adventures around the world and embrace new experiences with us? Would they join us at bedtime as we read like we were performing on a Broadway play? Will they hold us and cry with us on sad days. Will they laugh with us on our good days? Will they understand that we are two girls with  many disagreements? Will they understand our sarcasm (like mother, like daughter)? Will they understand our strong-willed personalities? Will they understand that there are times we just need to lay on the couch for hours to snuggle? So as we discuss welcoming new people into our TRIBE, what we we do know is that we have so much LOVE to give…as long as they can love us for the crazy girls that we are. With all of our faults, with all of our shenanigans, and with our fierce instinct to always protect one another.

Will they be up for the challenge?

Disclosure: While many have tried to join, in the end, only the STRONG with an HONEST and LOVING HEART make it:).

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