#LittleLove turns 9 and we celebrated Harry Potter style!


And just like that, I have a 9 year old! She celebrated her birthday this past week and could not be more excited to be the Big 9!

This girl, she is truly the LOVE of my life. God truly blessed me with her and he knew that she was exactly what I needed as I journey through this thing we call life. She is smart, oh so funny, and kind!

Happy birthday to my fellow Gemini, my daughter with a beautiful, adventurous soul. My #Little Love forever.

(A few slide show pics)

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Check out the perfect sky on the evening of the party. No special filter needed for this!


A few slide show pics of the wizards gathering. There was a really intense game of table quidditch that went into the playoffs!

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Thinking of having a Harry Potter party? Please see some decor ideas below! This is not all of the decor we had, but most of it!

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A special thanks to my sweet friend Christina and my oh so sweet #DrJ for all your help in pulling this beautiful day off. I was truly blessed to have both of your help and could not have done it all without you. You all make my heart happy.

Fuel The Soul 



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