Music Fuels My Soul (Song and Video Series #14) Maroon 5 – What Lovers Do


Yup, judge me all you want on this choice, but this is my jam today.

When this song comes on, I am instantly HAPPY. I can run a little longer, I move in my work chair, I blast the radio in my car, and it’s inevitable that I will dance with my #LittleLove and pup wherever we may be! I sometimes tell my #LittleLove to keep it down because my man is on (Which she never fails to say…sometimes yell – HE IS NOT YOUR MAN AND HE IS MARRIED WITH A KID, MOM). Ughh what does she know! Listen, no one is raining on my parade. Let me enjoy my happy song in peace kid (insert quick eye roll and back to smiling).

I know, I know… this is not Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, The Beatles, or Johnny Cash. But let’s face it.  Once in a while, it’s ok to have that happy song sneak in your life and make you smile. You know, that song that makes you roll down the windows, open the sunroof, and sing your heart out. So I may get some hate mail on my pop choice today, but so be it people.

Hello Adam Levine! Swoon…

Aren’t we too grown for games?
Aren’t we too grown to play around?
Young enough to chase
But old enough to know better
Are we too grown for changin’?
Are we too grown to mess around?
Ooh and I can’t wait forever baby
Both of us should know better
Ooh, ooh ooh ooh been wishin’ for you
Ooh, ooh
Tryna do what lovers do ooh


Happy Wednesday!

Fuel The Soul





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