Another Year to Celebrate Life!


Thank you for all of the special day wishes I received this week. They truly meant so much to me.

I had such a wonderful weekend stay in Atlanta at The Georgian Hotel.  I had a chance to relax on a rooftop pool in midtown and enjoy the beautiful weather, pool, views, and spend some time with a special friend.  We were able to go for a run, walk around the city, and meet some good friends for dinner. I was so incredibly THANKFUL for the time away and to have the opportunity to relax. I only wish we could have had more days.

Yesterday started with music, coffee, and sitting out on the patio with my pup in the early morning hours. It was such a beautiful morning to take the time to relax and reflect back on yet  another year full of changes. Shortly after my time outside, I was greeted with a HUGE HUG from my #LittleLove.  She is my best friend, my biggest supporter, my personal comedian, and my loyal constant who never ceases to amaze me each day. It simply does not get any better than that!

While it wasn’t the year I was expecting a year ago, I must admit, the last 6 months have been good to me. Oh, and Italy this year was definitely a highlight ( I will finish that draft blog one day, ha!) The year 2017 didn’t exactly end the way I was expecting it, but in many ways, deep down, I could hear the Wonderwall lyrics in my head a mile away… that all the roads that lead me here were winding. But here I am.

I am able to pause and relax more. I am learning to TRUST more.  I am COMFORTABLE again.  I am continuing to LEARN more about myself, my STRENGTHS, my WEAKNESSES, and I have the SUPPORT of someone along the way. I am able to quiet the noise that secretly haunted me from afar. I am SMILING more. I am LAUGHING more. And that friends…that is priceless.

So here I am, celebrating another year on this earth, with a huge smile and an open heart. Because this life…this life is meant to be lived to its fullest!

Here is to another year of adventures.

A slideshow of a few weekend pics.

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