Imperfect Progress


There is this indeed this beautiful thing called “imperfect progress.” 

I woke up this morning, cleaned my house (well…let’s not get crazy, just part of my house) as I prepare for my 6th Annual Holiday Party. While cleaning, I saw myself in the mirror. Gasp! I literally busted out laughing. Whew, what a sight! While my morning look was enough to scare off the local population with my hair in high bun, a face mask, downing coffee like nobody’s business..I could not help but laugh.

Some days, I am a hot mess living in yoga pants and workout clothes all days. Some days, I feel tired. Some days, I wake up and feel like I can conquer the world and dream of the next big adventure. I might even put make-up for those video conference calls ha!  Some days, I feel like I make some serious epic parenting fails. Some days, I need to remind myself that I am so incredibly blessed to have a beautiful daughter who loves me unconditionally and calls me her best friend (as she is mine).

This is real life.

Not every day is perfect, but I work on myself each day. To be a better mother, family member, friend… I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS.  

IMG_1383So today, for those friends that may not be feeling all that great about where they are in life, being a work in progress can actually be a wonderful thing. It means we always have chances to improve ourselves and become something better. Just remember, that mistakes happen and be comfortable owning those mistakes. Do the best you can and realize that we all get to our desired destinations in life in a different way, a different pace, and some of us take longer than others. That is OK. But do so with class and grace…even with a messy bun and facemask.

image1Happy Friday!!!

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