Peaceful Christmas Evenings


‘Tis my favorite season!

I usually don’t watch TV in the evenings or spend that much time in my living room during the workweek. But during the Christmas season, I literally get so excited to make my evening cup of tea and enjoy the Christmas tree and all the beautiful decorations after my #LittleLove has gone to bed.

IMG_6964It is past midnight right now and way past this girl’s bedtime. But I am feeling a certain sense of peace tonight. I was able to catch up with a beautiful soul on the phone, watch a show on my dvr, snuggle with my dog, catch up on some personal emails and enjoy my hot tea. Over the last few years, I decided to not get caught up in the madness of gift giving. When I told  my little one we would start focusing more on adventures and not things, it completely changed my Christmas season. I honestly enjoy it so much more.

I absolutely love all things Christmas. From the music, the movies, my home decorations, the lights, walking around downtown, the Christmas masses I attend…it is PURE JOY. I wish that I could spend more time with all of my  loved ones, but we are scattered all over the country. I do know we love each other to the moon and back and just knowing that is more than I can ask for.

So on nights like tonight, I welcome the PEACE this evening brings me. I welcome Nat King Cole into my home and soul. I am THANKFUL for this cup of hot tea, this warm home, and this snoring pup next to me. While my life is nowhere near perfect or where I want to be, nights like these give me a chance to clear my head, my heart, and get excited about the future. Because I am truly BLESSED.

Christmas holiday evenings fuel my soul.IMG_6790

Fuel The Soul




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