Adventure Alone? Yes!

It’s no secret that I love adventures. I enjoy exploring new places, meeting new people, and challenging myself to go outside my comfort zone.  I recently traveled for work to Arizona. I stayed an extra day to go hiking on my own. I welcomed the 75 degree weather on a December day, especially since I knew it was snowing back home. While my closest friends and family members wished me a good day, there are those that responded with ” you are going on your own?”

“Are you scared? Worried? Won’t you be lonely?”

I am pretty sure I usually respond with a smile, as I shake my head no. Deep down, I  contain my “don’t you know me” attitude.

IMG_6651The fact is, I welcome all adventures. While I enjoy being with friends and family, I also love my ME time. On this particular day, I was able to go hiking at my own pace, listen to music, stop as much as I wanted to take in the scenes, challenge myself, face my fear of heights, breathe the fresh air, enjoy nature, and push myself to another fitness level.

In addition to all this, solitude.


From Hiking for Her, it states that we should savor the serenity of a solo hike. 

  • We can clear our head of all the distractions of daily life. 
  • We can focus our energy on finding a peaceful place within ourselves
  • Or maybe it’s just as simple as needing to sit on a high spot and gaze over a serene landscape to rest my weary bones.

IMG_6650Once I got to the top, I received some high fives from strangers, chatted with a few folks from across the country and had a nice visit with Santa. Yes, #CamelbackSanta was at the top of the mountain greeting people. I eventually found a nice quiet spot and laid down to soak in the sun on a beautiful December day. I once read that “solitude allows time for self-examination, relaxation away from the rat race for awhile, and a chance to meditate, contemplate, or just zone out for miles at a time.” As I laid there taking in the views, I had time to reflect on my year. I wrote down some notes on my year’s highs and lows. I thought about the people that brought joy to my life and others I need to move on from. I  reflected on my role as a mother, a family member, a friend…

IMG_6603But on this solo adventure, at the top of my summit, I reminded my inner self the following things:

  • Never settle.
  • Not everyone I love is meant to be in my life on a daily basis. I can love and pray for them from a distance.
  • Continue to surround myself with people that make me smile.
  • Know my worth.
  • It’s true, ADVENTURES make me HAPPY. There is no stopping me!

Below is slideshow of some pics from my hike.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I met this jolly fella at the top of the mountain (#CamelbackSanta).

#Camelback Santa

To my Fuel The Soul Today friends, I hope you make time to care for yourself and add adventure to your life. 

Fuel The Soul


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