Keep moving forward



Fuel The Soul Today

I was going through my photos early Monday morning and found this one (featured photo). I stopped to take the time to reflect on the moment I took it. I remember how I felt standing in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. I remember stopping, watching my #LittleLove peaking through the tall walled garden surrounding us. I remember her calling me to keep up and to make sure we kept moving forward. I remember taking a deep breath and telling myself that although the pain from my feet and the aches from my body from 4 days of non-stop adventures were beginning to catch up to me, I needed to look ahead on this beautiful path. As the magnificent home of the past kings awaited me, so is my beautiful journeyin this thing we call life. 

 Dear Self,

Keep moving forward. Don’t stumble over something that is behind you.  The best is yet to…

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