Easy like a Sunday Morning (Series 10): Quiet the noise

There are weeks when everything falls into place. There are weeks that throw you for a loop. There are weeks that leave you with noisy unwanted thoughts in your head because you are waiting on that closure.


I will admit, it has been a rough few days. So on this Sunday, I woke up early enough to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Sitting on my patio, with my coffee, my dog, my Of Monster and Men Pandora station, and the roses blooming. The fresh air feels good on my skin. The coffee taste especially good this morning. I close my eyes and feel the sun on my face. And during this time of relaxation and some meditation, the noise quiets a bit. Jose Gonzalez plays background, but not loud enough to compete with the chirping birds.

In a couple of hours, my day will be busy again with my #LittleLove. But I cherish these moments and time to myself. Some days, I just need to get caught up with…me. To quiet the noise. To feel the fresh air.

To feel the sun on my face.

How do you quiet the noise?

Fuel The Soul


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