Sweater Weather


fuelthesoultoday snow4I live in the Southeastern United States. Snow days are rare thing for us. While cold weather is something I typically do not wish for, I am happy for my #LittleLove who gets another day off to recover, along with her classmates and teacher all hit with the recent wave of the flu.

The snow is steadily coming down. It’s a beautiful sight to watch from my home office. Black coffee, a dog under my desk, low volume music, and my beautiful, sweet girl nestled in her bed.

snow3fuelthesoultodayTo all my Fuel The Soul Today friends. Wherever you may be today,  I hope you find some time to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet and the outdoors.  Cold or warm, go out and enjoy some fresh air. Your view may be palm trees, the ocean, the city, the mountains, or like me, a rare snowy day. Just take time to pause and enjoy this beautiful world of ours. What a beautiful blessing we have been given. And hopefully, with a nice hot cup of coffee.


I must say, I would much rather be sitting on a beach, toes in the sand, with my long sleeve sweater and my short beach shorts.

Fuel The Soul


raiders snow fueltheoultoday




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