Sick child = Not so glamorous me

As they say in the South, I am a hot mess. 

It’s was 6:30 pm, I looked in the mirror and there I was – gasp! The messy hair bun on my head, the old glasses (dog ate the good pair), no makeup, still wearing my workout clothes from 4:00 am this morning, dark circles under my eyes… Damn! I am a hot mess people! Who is this woman staring back at me? Ughhh!

For the first time, my sweet #Littlelove was sent home from school yesterday with a fever. After a long night and day of checking temperatures, changing washcloths on her forehead, forcing fluids on her, rubbing her back, massaging her legs, reading to her until she falls asleep, running to her all hours of the day when I hear her cry because her body is so achy… I still had to work my day job. Thankfully, I am able to work from home and care for her.  After a doctor’s appointment, we now know she has the flu. Her first time. Prayers please. It is difficult to watch my usually happy, energetic and funny child so sick. No dancing and singing? While the snuggles are nice, I know she is not feeling well. I hold her and pray that she would just feel better and wish there was a way I could take her pain away.

I was looking forward to time with my long time friends this weekend and restaurant week downtown. A chance get out of my daily routine of yoga pants, have adult time, and a fun night out. But my number one priority needs me. So here I am, smelling like bleach and coffee (just lovely). I am disinfecting the house every chance I get. My appearance, oh my appearance, could straight up inspire a horror movie tonight. Will someone please send the glamour fairies my way! OK, OK, I will settle for a hot bath, some candles and my Of Monsters and Men Pandora station tonight.

But this is life my friends. Everyday will not be perfect, everyday will not be glamorous, everyday is not a trip to a beautiful destination, everyday is not full of laughter and drinks with friends. THIS IS LIFE. I am a mother who must care for her sweet child. To be there for her to cry on. To hold her at 2 am on nights she is sick.  To read to her until she falls asleep. And while I am may not feel and look glamorous today, I know that I am taking care of my greatest treasure. Because nothing is better than your child asking you to come back in the room to simply say:

Thank you for taking care of me mommy. 

Be still my heart. 

While my daughter may not have a glamorous mommy, she does have her supermom today. The coffee and bleach smell is just a bonus. So I keep telling myself. 

Fuel The Soul


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