Christmas Wish


147229-Dear-SantaWhat is at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

This is what my beautiful #LittleLove asked me last night as we laid on the couch by the tree watching a Christmas movie. I smiled and paused as she tried to guess. A trip? Makeup? Nail polish? More Coffee? Well, I can certainly always use more coffee, I said.  She said she felt sad that I normally don’t get presents Christmas morning and she does. I reminded her that she was all I needed and I always ask Santa to make sure he takes care of all the children first. He has a very big task! She asked if I had to pick something, what would it be?

My response: TRUE HAPPINESS.

I believe that true happiness is something you feel to your core. There are many people who put a smile on their face and seem happy, but being truly happy is when your mind is at peace. It is when your heart is full of gratitude and compassion. It is when you give yourself self-love. It is being connected to the present moment. It is when you can smile with authenticity and make others smile as well. It is surrounding yourself with your genuinely good people who want to see you happy. It is having an honest heart and living a life with purpose. 

So there you have it, my wish, TRUE HAPPINESS.  

Here is a tune from Train, Shake Up Christmas.  

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

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Christmas heart

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