I AM A SPARTAN! (Get Fit & Healthy: Be your Best You – Series – Part 3 )

“Your fitness is 100% mental.
Your body won’t go, where your mind doesn’t push it.”

While I have not reached all of my goals for the year (yet), I am happy to have accomplished the Spartan race as part of this.  This past Sunday, I teamed up with my workout partner and good friend Tasha, along with my new friend Conrad. I can honestly say we had the best time!

Photos from before the race.

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We decided on the Spartan Sprint, since Tasha and I have never done one before. It was close to 5 miles and up to 23 obstacles. Obstacles included barbed wire mud crawls,  many walls, cargo net climbing,  the dreaded atlas ball, rope climb,  sand bag carry, tire drag, mud walls, rock buckets, spear throwing and so much more. If you can’t complete an obstacle, there is a 30 burpee penalty.  And the mud…oh the mud! We ran through some extreme muddy waters and navigated through rough landscape. The course is designed to test you. It will test your stamina and your strength. I admit, I walked up to a few obstacles and thought, what the crap man! OK…so I cursed a lot! But I still tried to do it! I never could pick up that atlas ball or climb up that rope, but I damn sure tried!

As you go further along in the race, the obstacles get harder and harder. This is where you realize how valuable teammates are with different strengths. We helped each other get through some tough obstacles.  In addition to getting help from my team mates, all those participating are so incredibly kind and helpful. Obstacle after obstacle, mile after mile, there were others cheering you on and lending a helping hand. Complete strangers wanting you to succeed. Love it!

Photos from the race.

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As someone who wants to continue to challenge my body, my strengths and fulfill goals, this was a great accomplishment! As a mother of a girl already into taekwondo and fitness at  young age, I want to show her that even at my young age of…uhmmm…well…that fitness can still be an important factor in how I live my life. I want her to know that fitness can be fun, that hard work pays off, and setting goals is important and it feels amazing to accomplish them. I want her to know that having friends to workout with and support you is a wonderful thing.

She is now asking to participate in the next kids Spartan race herself!


Thank you Tasha and Conrad for an amazing day. You all are so much fun and I am ready for the next one!  

Oh, do you get a medal for the 1 hour it takes to get the mud out out of our ears, hair and clothes?

Post race smiles!

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Confession: I ate my first burger in six months after this race. OK Burger and wings.

We are Spartans!

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