What is our radio dial set to?

It’s been a busy several few weeks with travel, work and other commitments. I have definitely missed writing for my blog. I am hoping to be back on a regular schedule starting this week.

img_5630Yes, it is true. I still write on my palms (a habit from elementary school I have not been able to break).  This morning, I heard a quote while driving and grabbed a pen as quickly as possible. While it might be difficult to read in the picture, it is an extract from the book Ask and It Is Given. 

“The universe already knows our hearts desires and if we just keep our radios dialed to gratefulness, all of what we want will be ours. Stay grateful even when faced with the storm of life. Everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for”

I needed this today.

Deep down, what are our true desires? Of course, our default answers are usually happiness, good health, having a companion to enjoy our life’s journey with… But how do we set the stage?

What is our radio dial set to?

Are we constantly complaining and talking about what we can’t have, the great life we once lived, all the difficult obstacles in our way and so on? Or are we focused on the road ahead and are we grateful for this beautiful life we have been given? When we pray, do you pray with gratitude or are we constantly asking?

Gratitude should always be an integral part of our life. Living in the mode of gratitude helps us live a life with a purpose. Living a life with gratitude makes us happier people. Living a life of gratitude attracts positive energy.

Remember, everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you have asked for. Today might not be our day to get where we want to be, but we should be prepared for when the opportunity arrives. “While we wait, be GRATEFUL.

Fuel The Soul


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