Easy Like a Sunday Morning (Series 9): The Music Lovers in my life (Revivalists)

If you read my blog (or know me personally), you know that music is an important part of life. Since I started blogging, friends and followers have been sending me some of their favorites. This morning, I went back and played a few.

One of my long time friends sent this to me yesterday – Wish I Knew You. I love this song! And I must say, my love for lyrics had me rewinding a few times. Ever meet people, make an amazing connection and say, where have you been all my life? Well, this is the perfect song.

So this Sunday, while you are drinking your morning coffee, please enjoy a song by The Revivalists.

I decided to check out a a few more tunes by this band. I found this one, Soul Fight. Damn, you speak to my soul today! Soul Fight? What is my “Soul Fight?” Gahhh these lyrics had my head spinning. I feel like there are so many ways I could interpret these lyrics. I even went so far to read reviews and interpretations from others. A blog by Abbi Thomas on the song stood out:

It could mean that “The singer/narrator is struggling to be the person people want him to be but he just can’t. In that case, the soul fight would be pushing back the person you’ve become and trying to be the person you’re needed to be. Some say it’s about being caught up in hanging onto things or people in our minds that we don’t really need; fighting the desire to give in to a thing or person is very difficult. It often gets the best of us. If you’re an over-thinker, you’ll spend ridiculous amounts of time analyzing the situation and trying to figure out what to do.”

“Take care of your soul fight, whatever it may be. It’s not always easy reckoning with the forces inside you but you’re always better off for it. Better out than in.”

Feel free to play it again and share with others please

Thank you my friends for the songs! Keep them coming.

Fuel The Soul




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