Thank you and please donate.

Thank you to all of you who reached out to me over the last 5 days to check on my closest friends and family in Florida. I have heard from all of them and they are safe. Here in our area, the worst of the storm passed by last night. The impact was minimal and absolutely nothing compared to those in Florida. My trip to Home Depot with #LittleLove was a success. We picked up a few tools and learned how to do a few things to prepare for the storm.

The country was still trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey when Irma hit the southeastern United States. The Caribbean Islands and Florida will take a huge hit, where tourism is much of it’s lifeblood. Many people are still in shelters and will continue to be. People have lost their homes and businesses. They will need to start their lives all over. Rebuilding could take months or even years for some areas.

If you are able to donate, the best way to aid in relief efforts is to donate cash, rather than material items, to trusted organizations, according to the Center for International Disaster Information. Money can be more useful to charities because survivors’ needs can vary. Please see both links below on some suggestions on how to donate or volunteer.

Want to help victims of Hurricane Irma? Here’s how.

Hurricane Irma relief: 14 ways to help storm victims, from Volunteer Florida to Airbnb

So today and the many days to come, please keep all those affected by the recent storms in your prayers.

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