Fuel The Soul has an official logo!

logoFuel The Soul has an official logo and I have a HAPPY HEART! 

I am BEYOND EXCITED about my summer project and the upcoming new website. The logo incorporates two of my favorite things that fuel my soulLOVE and COFFEE.

For those of you that follow my blog, you knowLove is Fuel The Soul that I absolutely love the idea of being in love with the world that we live in. Each day is a new gift. As I have written in the past, Life is short, choose HAPPINESS. Choose LOVE. 

There is also my ridiculous love affair with coffee (who my daughter calls my boyfriend). Many may remember the blog I Am In A Relationship. I know. I know. It was a bit silly, but it is ME. Ha! But putting humor aside…the day I wrote my first blog was with a cup of coffee.  Many of my best days in life were with my family and friends while we enjoyed a cup of coffee (or two or five). The smell of coffee reminds me of so many childhood memories as the adults all around me in our household drank it and brewed many pots. I remember thinking, “I wonder if I will like coffee one day?”  Oh boy, now we know! Coffee has been by my side on happy days and sad days. It has been with me while I made major life decisions. Coffee has been a travel partner while I explored new places around the world.

So this logo fits me perfectly. It speaks to me. It makes me smile.  

fuelthesoultodayprofilejpgThanks to all my friends for all the encouragement on the blog. I look forward to releasing a new Fuel The Soul project later this year.

I love you guys!

coffee fuelthesoul
This is  in my kitchen.

Fuel The Soul





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