I am in a relationship…

I am in a relationship. I am IN-LOVE. No, no…I am OBSESSED. Ok, ok…I am ADDICTED.

He is STRONG. He is BOLD. He smells good.




This relationship has been going on for some time. He is perfect. He helps me on long days. He joins me when I want to spend quality time with friends and family.  He is part of my family tradition. He relaxes me. Simply, coffee makes me HAPPY. Coffee fuels my soul.

There is nothing better than working and meeting friends in the coffee shop. The music, the smell and sound of coffee being made. Cue in angels singing from above aaahh-aaaaahh-aaaaaahhhh.

Without my daily coffee, well…no one is safe!  I can’t even imagine life without him. Eeeeek! With him all things are possible in my world.  And yes, he is PERFECT just the way he is. No need to add any extra’s or change him. At the first smell each morning, I greet him, “hello handsome!”

And what about those health benefits? They say that coffee lovers are more likely to live longer and keep their memories in check. More coffee please!

Coffee, take me away. 

Let’s hear it from my one of my all time favorites…the fabulous Ella Fitzgerald!


850-An Ethiopian herdsman named Kaldi discovered coffee berries (coffee beans are the seeds of coffee plant berries).2b63ae77ff287f41a910ad5754781fc7

1454-The first coffee houses were established, known as Kaveh Kanes, which were used for religious meetings. Gossip, singing and storytelling soon follow.

I enjoyed this cup of coffee in Puerto Rico in the spring of 2016. It was a fabulous morning.

Fuel The Soul


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