Cool Southern Summer Night


It was one of those rare southern June nights. The temperatures dropped into the 60’s last night. I welcomed the cool breeze and opened up all of the windows upstairs. They say that sleeping with the windows open is good for you and that “fresh air has been shown by various studies to actually improve many different aspects of your health including digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, immunity, and energy. Some have even correlated fresh air with HAPPINESS.”  I will take it!

I have been working on a summer project, so late last night, I decided to sit outside with my tea. The sky was beautiful and the air felt cool to my skin. Surrounded by candles, I felt a certain sense of peace after a draining evening. I smiled as I looked around me. A notebook and pen, my Of Monsters and Men pandora station, candles, tea, a fluffy blanket and the beautiful sky. I felt like I had just placed myself in some Indie Film as my smile turned into a giggle. I guess you can say ambience plays an important role now in my evening relaxation. I have gotten to that point in my life where the sound of a TV in the late night evening hours is just noise.

So for now, I am going to take advantage of these cool southern nights for the next few days. Because here in the south, the brutal heat is about to descend upon us. What are some things you do to relax at night? Whether it is music, candles, writing or enjoying the cool breeze under the stars, how do you take the time to escape the “noise” from your day?  If you don’t, try something new. Turn off the TV. Enjoy the fresh air. It will Fuel your Soul in more ways than you can imagine.

Fuel The Soul




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