Why wait?

I came across this video on my Facebook feed today.  While many will say: Well, I can’t live out my passions or do things I enjoy, because I must work and I don’t have the money. I have children. I have responsibilities.

Yes, I DO understand that. I am there with you. Trust me! But you can make CHANGES in your daily life to be able to reach these goals.  Whether it’s packing your lunch for a relaxing inexpensive picnic, hike, or a day at the beach, do things that bring you joy. You can view this as “The Present is Precious!” While life might span decades, living is done in the moment. Slow down once in a while and enjoy the beauty of life. Make your life meaningful, purposeful and special.

Life is short. You get one shot. You get one chance. The TIME IS NOW. 

Fuel The Soul



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