Life in Fast Forward

As I walk through the Atlanta airport heading towards my 6th flight in four days, everyone around me seems to be moving in fast forward. I have my music on loud and I take the time to observe the various faces around me. I am literally in my own music video as they zoom by me. Are they traveling for business or pleasure?  Did they get up at 4:00 AM like me? Are they happy?

The days go by fast. Life…LIFE MOVES FAST. Sometimes, I feel like I just need to breathe, stop, and take in everything around me. We have this one life to live and everything is moving as if someone hit the fast forward button.

To all my friends, life is short, fill each day with people that bring you joy. Choose happiness-always. Have a love affair with your surroundings. Find what sparks your soul.

This was the song playing in my own music video…

Back to waiting for that plane.

Fuel The Soul 

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