Thankful for the small and silly things (Series #3)


5:00 am Cup of Love & ramblings
On sleepless nights, when your mind is going a hundred miles per hour and you are trying to solve the problems of the WORLD…you know…how to rid the world of sugar, artificial flavoring (For the love of God, STOP watching documentaries Anna! Bad Netflix! Bad Anna!),  how to save the world like Carrie does on Homeland, how to pack a keyboard so my daughter can get it to school, how can I get this puppy to stop waking me up for his bathroom needs at 3:oo am, what is the best way to claim an office deduction on my taxes…oh you know… just the small stuff.

Today, I am THANKFUL to wake up to my lover.

Hello coffee. 06b03c06-39bc-4bca-8c73-25170d923f81

Once again, you came through for me. You are highly reliable. No man will ever compare. I don’t care what they tell me. Oh you can’t be without me? Well I say I can’t be without coffee! Take that! Someone is calling you Felicia! Ours, Anna+Coffee, is simply the greatest love affair. I am pretty sure we are officially worthy of a Nicholas Sparks book. I heart you forever.

(Oh, anyone have Mr. Sparks’ number?)

 Fuel The Soul

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  1. David says:

    Your coffee posts crack me up!! Spot on in so many ways. #coffeesaveslives

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anna says:

      Thank you David!


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