Are we poor?

I will never forget the day #LittleLove came home almost three years ago from a friend’s house.

“Mommy, they have such a huge house, are we poor?”

I admit, I stood there and stared at her for a while. She was 5 at the time.  When did an almost 3,000 sq ft home, a car and a roof over our head become poor in the eyes of my little one?

I sat her down. I told her that although our house was not as big as others, we had a roof over our head, clean water, a car to get us where we needed to be, heat in the winter, and yes…as you can imagine…I went on and on and on like most parents would. I told her stories of my childhood experiences (sorry, no walking in the snow barefoot stories). We got online and I showed her conditions of what it can be like for families in third world countries. I can’t remember all the details of the night, other than I knew the conversation could not stop there. This would be an ongoing dialogue and it has been.

I take her with me when we donate clothes, toys, etc. Last year, she had a food drive for the men’s shelter. When we got there, they spoke to her about how they live there with other men down on their luck. Once a week, sometimes more, we lay in bed and pray for all of the homeless people, esp. on these cold winter nights. She now seems to have a special fondness for praying for orphans that need homes. She wants to adopt 15 children she says when she gets older (oh my).

One thing I have instilled (and continue to) in my #LittleLove is to not to put so much value in material things. She has been so good at understanding this. Other than books, I rarely buy this girl of mine much of anything. We save all of our money on adventures. These could be day adventures or vacations. As most of my friends know, I love traveling more than things.

I can honestly say, not just because she is my child, that this is one special girl. She will always find the good in  people. She now appreciates the small things. She is kind, helpful, caring and loving.

So are we poor? No my Love. WE ARE BEYOND BLESSED.

We have each other.
We have a place to call home.
We have a job.
We have hugs and kisses that make us smile.
We have bed time snuggles to keep us warm.
We have amazing friends.
We have a wonderful family.
We have a great school to go to each day where teachers show so much love.
We have laughter.
We have books.
We have music.
We have random dance parties with each other in the house.
We have fun cooking nights.
We have a sweet (often wild) puppy.
We have nature.
We have our good health.
We have the sense of sight, touch, hearing, and smell.
We have our adventures.
We have an amazing God that looks out for us.
We have LOVE.

I would say, we are BEYOND BLESSED.

And even as her mommy continues not to buy the latest toys, technology and every little trinket she may woo over at the stores…she has never asked me that question again.


Fuel The Soul 

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  1. Mary says:

    Amen! You are so blessed. You are doing a great job as a mother taking the time to show her what really matters. She will do great things in life!

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    1. Anna says:

      Thank you Mary! Every day is a learning experience. But truly blessed.


    2. Anna says:

      Thank you Mary! You as well. I love following your family adventures online. What a beautiful family and those children are adorable!


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