Romantic at Heart: Fuel Your Soul

Romance is a natural human emotion, a state of mind. It is a way of looking at your partner, life and even the world in such a way that allows you to appreciate what is good in your life. 

But some say that modern interpretations make unrealistic views about real relationships. I get that, but does it have to be completely unrealistic? Can you make romance an important aspect/ priority in your partnership? No, you don’t have to rush to the store and bring home chocolates, but what about simply savoring your partner?

Some people believe that marriage and children take away the glitter of what was once a beautiful intimate relationship.  While I agree life changes once your partner has heard you snore through the night, seen your bed head, your face masks… you can still be attracted to what’s underneath it all! Watching your partner mature, get excited about life’s milestones, see their flaws, or watch how they love your children, isn’t that exciting as well?

rmce2_fuelthesoultodayIt’s true, I am a big believer of romance. Not in the Valentines commercial sense. I don’t need roses (while I do love occasional wild flowers and mixed bouquets). But I appreciate a man that is satisfied sitting at a coffee shop on a cold day…oh hell, who am I kidding? A coffee shop is a given on any day. Handwritten notes make me smile, something different from all those texts. Sitting on the patio with a glass of wine or a beer with candles while my favorite Of Monster and Men pandora station is playing. Sitting under the evening stars and enjoying the fresh air. A partner that will hang out in the kitchen just to talk while dinner is being cooked.  Someone who would enjoy going on a long walk or hikes with me. romance-FTSTThese are all the beautiful memories we will remember. These are the moments that make us randomly smile in the middle of our work day. These are the things that make us smile when someone asks how you are doing. These are the moments that make our heart ache for more.

Now a days, so many couples are caught up in the glorification of being busy. Partners sit on opposite ends of couch spending most of their time on their technology devices. Dinners are quick. Meaningful conversations happen in between chores or Netflix episodes for brief moments. For those that have children, they  never have alone time because much of their lives, as they say, revolve around their children. Before you know it, months and even years have passed and you have missed out on so much joy in your life.

To my Fuel The Soul friends…spend QUALITY time with your partners. Ask about their days. Turn off the TV. Appreciate conversations. Appreciate music and fresh air together. Appreciate candles. Appreciate those talks while cooking together. Appreciate the fact that you can read each other’s thoughts and feelings. Smile. Laugh. Appreciate your best friendships. Savor your partner.

Fuel The Soul



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