Music Fuels My Soul (Song and Video Series #10)


After our new Alexa gave me the news rundown this morning, this was her first song choice for me while I had my morning coffee.

I am hopelessly in love with this band. She is definitely killing me softly with this song.

The second song that came on was Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine. Also one of my favorites. The harp and her magical voice is hauntingly beautiful. Gahhhhh So full of emotions this morning.

Excerpt from an article written by Katie Cole:

I often wonder how people get through the day without listening to music at least once. How one physically can get themselves through the entire day without hearing a melody, listening to lyrics, and feeling music throughout their whole body. People do this every day — I am not one of them. I am someone for whom music is my constant, my escape, and my stability.

I hear you girl! I absolutely LOVE music as you all now. Some songs bring about a rush of emotion that is so intense they stop me dead in my tracks. Some songs make me sad, some songs make me smile, some songs make me dance, some songs make me overwhelmingly happy, and many songs make me reflect on my life and even help inspire future plans.

While these are not the typical upbeat life songs I usually post, they are raw and full of  emotions. But don’t we all have moments like this? I am not sure why the universe thought these should be the first two songs I needed to hear this morning, but it was delivered to me with a big red bow.  As far as I am concerned, listening to a good soulful song helps me reflect and find my way to where I need to be. Maybe this is what I needed today?

To all my Fuel The Soul friends. EMBRACE the real and raw emotions music and life brings you. It’s good for your soul.

Fuel The Soul


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