Easy Like a Sunday Morning (Series 6): Unplug and Recharge

This weekend, there were no road trips or suitcases to live out of. In fact, there were no “scheduled plans.” As much as I love to travel, I also enjoy those rare weekends where I have absolutely commitments.

I caught up with some friends Friday night and decided not make any plans for the weekend.  I am staying home and taking time to organize the house before #LittleLove’s new school year begins. While I would like to finish today, I am on no timeline.  Yes…no timeline!

This morning, I turned on our Ella Fitzgerald station for a bit, I brewed some coffee, I watered the plants outside,  sat on the patio with #LittleCharles (our pup), and now I am relaxing with my show and coffee. I will tackle #LittleLove’s room in a bit, but for now, I am relaxing. 


We are always so busy with long work weeks, children, commitments, etc. It is nice once in a while to just unplug and recharge. For many that are “workaholics,”,  taking time to unplug will actually give your brain the chance to recover from a busy workweek and avoid burnout. “We need to give ourselves a break, and a little downtime works well for almost everybody. It doesn’t really matter what the activity or inactivity is. The idea is to give your body, mind, and heart a chance to relax and recharge. If you keep going at full speed every day, it can be really hard on you, both physically and mentally.”

These are some of my favorite ways to unplug on weekends when I have no commitments:

  • Going for a run or a long walk with my dog. If you do this, try leaving your phone at home or turn off your notifications.
  • Enjoying music.
  • Cooking a healthy meal (with music).
  • Sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air.
  • Writing.
  • Have technology free time.
  • Enjoying my coffee time or a glass of wine in the evening.
  • Watching a movie or catch up on my shows on DVR. But I don’t spend my entire day on the couch. I admit, I am someone that loves being outside.
  • Reading. Whether it is catching up on a few chapters from a good book, reading the newspaper, a magazine, or my favorite blogs, I love to take the time to enjoy getting lost in a story or learning something new.

I hope you all can unplug this weekend. If not, maybe next weekend? By unplugging, it allows us to experience more space for the people and experiences that matter most. You owe yourself the gift of relaxation, fresh air and a view of the long sunset.

Signing off from my blog today.

Happy Sunday my sweet friends,


Fuel The Soul



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