Easy Like a Sunday Morning (Series 5): Running is my therapy

Running is like my coffee, I am much better after I have had one!

I woke up this morning with a restless mind. After spending most the day in the car yesterday (I went on a day trip to Atlanta for a very special occasion), my body and muscles were a bit tense. I decided I needed a very special date…

I knew it would be hot and steamy…just what I needed to relax the mind.

So there I was, 90 degrees at 9:00 AM with my hot date…the asphalt.

I decided to go for a long run to clear my mind and loosen up these muscles of mine. The heat was brutal, but I felt fantastic. My music today was on point. If you are a runner, you that know that running pushes us to move forward even in the most difficult times. 

What do you do to relax your mind and body?

The not so glamorous look of a sweaty runner on a hot day.

Fuel The Soul







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