Unexpected Surprise

I have said it in past blogs…PEOPLE COME INTO OUR LIVES FOR A REASON.  

To take a verse from the song “For Good” from the famous musical play “Wicked.”

I’ve heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow…

I spent a couple of days immersed in wonderful conversation with a new friend, breaking through language barriers (thank you google translator) and learning about a culture I knew very little about. In 48 hours, I can honestly say, I learned so much.  Sometimes people come into my life and I know right away that they were meant to be there.  Whether it is to make me smile, teach me a lesson, help learn more about myself, or perhaps serve a purpose I may not fully understand at this time…but we were meant to meet.

7987db94adb07ed71163110f7e5a1616There is a chance that I may never see this person again as they are off to the other side of the world. But I am better for knowing them. It is rare that I meet people that truly challenge me.  A challenge in the sense that I was made to take a look at myself in ways I often don’t think about. At times, trying not to be offended because I didn’t know if it was a language barrier or if I simply didn’t want to hear something about myself that I didn’t like. Several times, I found myself speechless, something that is actually rare for me. My friend’s culture speaks to people in a very direct way or was American politeness simply lost in translation? I was born with American sensibilities. We learn from an early age not be rude, not to be too blunt, or too upfront. But in their culture, they tell you exactly what they mean as it pops in their head. There really isn’t a filter. It is not because they are mean, they are actually very friendly and hospitable people. There is simply a major difference in the way we communicate, but I truly believe that you should give people a chance and look for the best in them.  

19d975dd05fe41b2b12b28e37a669799--bee-quotes-cool-quotesBy doing this, I was able to open myself to a new and fascinating friend. I admit, I am completely drawn to smart people. I love people that can teach me new things. I love deep conversations. You know, the ones in which you can jump from world politics, to philosophical beliefs, religion, travel and life’s up and downs. The types of conversations where you can get angry and in within five minutes, laugh at the same conversation.

If you are comfortable, make yourself available to meeting new people. You never know what you might learn from them. And if you are lucky enough to interact with people of diverse backgrounds, you will get a chance to practice your own communication skills. But the best thing, is opening yourself up to the possibility of a new and exciting friendship.

To all of my Fuel The Soul friends, know that life can be a BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY. One that includes smiles, laughter, and if you are lucky enough…good conversation with good friends.

My year of new adventures and meeting new people continues.

miłego dnia

Fuel The Soul




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