Quiet moments

After a week of travelling all over the State of Florida and visiting with family and good friends, I came home to a full day of activities. I had a fantastic day meeting new people for an early morning running group, followed by a relaxing day on the lake and a fun evening with my great neighbors.

But today, I admit, all these activities caught up to me.  My body was physically exhausted.  I cancelled plans to simply…do nothing. I had lots of coffee, cuddled with my sweet pup, caught up on some shows on my DVR, listened to music, took an afternoon nap and sat outside this evening and watched the sun go down. The evening sun felt amazing on my face.

I simply don’t get enough days like these.

“One might think it’s selfish to indulge in quiet time, when you have so much on your plate and when you want to devote your time to other people in your life. But we need to honor our need for quiet time, we are choosing to invest in our own happiness. It it is an essential part of nourishing your soul and replenishing your energy levels. Solitude can provide the restorative silence and serenity that you need after a fast-paced, challenging day.

Embracing your need for quiet time is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself and to those around you. When you have the chance to enjoy peaceful moments to yourself and feel recharged, you are in a better position to be kind to others, care for your loved ones, and make a difference in the world.”

As I continue a year of fueling my soul through exploring new places, new friends, time with family, and reflection…days like these allow me to clear my head and think about the things I need to focus on in life. Today’s reflection: I am an extremely blessed woman. While I may not have the finest things in life, I am rich with LOVE.img_1347

Fuel The Soul






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