Easy Like a Sunday Morning (Series 4) Life is short. Open yourself to new friends, places and adventures.

Happy Sunday my friends!

Quote I am loving today:

Life is too short to buy green bananas!  

This morning, while I drink my morning coffee and wait for my favorite TV Show CBS Sunday Morning  (a show I have watched since I was a little girl with my father).  I am reflecting on another busy, but good week. At the beginning of this year, I made several commitments to myself. Fitness, eating healthier, keeping up with this blog, new adventures…I am proud to say that I have been chipping away at this list. I also wanted this to be the year that I would be open to meeting new friends and trying new things. I am excited that I am finally there. This weekend, I received an invite from a new friend to go kayaking. It was a nice relaxing day on a lake (while I tried hard not to focus much of my time on not tipping over, ha!).  I was able to relax and enjoy being surrounded by nature. While out there, I thought, maybe I could try an activity I have never done before each month or take a day trip to somewhere I have never been before. Why not? What is stopping me?

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There are 6 months left in the year. There is still plenty of time to keep chipping away at my 2017 goals. Here is to meeting new friends, trying new activities, and discovering new places!

Life is short. Put the remote down. Get out of the house. Do something new with your family. Make new friends. Try a new activity. Today, I challenge all my friends to do something your future self will thank you for. 

Fuel the Soul


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