Collect Moments, Not Things.

Happy Friday everyone!

I am packing our suitcase for a short (budget friendly) weekend adventure with my #LittleLove. I have snacks ready for the car and Harry Potter Book 4 on audible…Yes, Potter nerds here!

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and I have had some time to reflect this week as I planned our little adventure.  I’m sure it would be nice to get that purse I have always wanted, new shoes, or some new house decor.  But I know deep down those things will not make me truly happy. These past few years, I have really started looking at my life differently. Moments, adventures, and quality time with my loved ones is what I crave the most. So this weekend, I plan on collecting moments, not things. I plan on enjoying every minute of it with my #LittleLove and family.

My love for moments circle back to my childhood. I don’t recall my parents ever having the money to buy us the latest toys and gadgets. If they did, I hardly remember those “things.” I do remember my dad and I driving across the country in an old car and stopping in at all the quirky sites and oh…THE BEAUTIFUL GRAND CANYON!  I remember childhood adventures of swimming and bathing in the rivers of the Philippines. I remember the redwood trees with my dad in Northern California and exploring the trails. I want to give my daughter these same experiences.  FuelTheSoul TimeTogether

Even as adults, try to stop and take the time to see the world through a child’s eyes, “They remind us not to hurry, to shrug off our worries, dwell in the present, and to embrace the simple joys.”

So to all of my Fuel The Soul friends. Enjoy life. Create memories and always remember, ADVENTURE AWAITS.

Fuel the Soul


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