Get Fit & Healthy. Be your best you!


Here I am with my morning coffee (along with some water/cranberry/lemon/dandelion tea infusion-oh my!), reflecting on a great weekend. My college roommate Christina came for a visit and we had a fabulous time downtown Greenville, SC. Like me, she has been putting so much of herself into being healthy and fit this year, so I was so happy she agreed to go to boot camp with me, go for a beautiful long walk, and eat healthy all weekend. We had such a FUN day and I am lucky to have this long time friendship in my life.  I LOVE MY FRIENDS!

This morning, I prepared for a gym date. There is a quote that I always reflect on…

Love yourself enough  to live a healthy lifestyle.

I am four weeks into this journey and this is the best I have felt in many years. My friend Tasha has been an amazing workout partner through it all and I am THANKFUL for her every day. I even love our ridiculously hilarious daily texts about our cleansing routines, how we miss bread and rice, dreams of eating chicken biscuits, and who has to wash their hair because we were dripping down sweat at boot camp and so on… More to come in an upcoming blog once I have successfully completed my boot camp trial.

So this Sunday, I ENCOURAGE all of my friends to look within.

Are you feeling your best?
Are you finding “me” time?
Is being healthy important to you and your family?
What habits sabotage your plans and how can you fix it?
What excuses do you need to ditch?
What motivates you?
If you are a a parent, do your children see your best you?

What choices will you make today to support your health?


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