The Blame Game

I have heard this quote a million times…


Today (4:00 AM writing), I woke up and had to reflect on my own faults. It was me, who in the end, put myself in a situation that made me very unhappy. And yes, I tried to blame it on someone else (booooooo me!). As they say, it is human tendency to blame others before reflecting on oneself. Someone did say that right? 

Dear Self,
You should have known better. You knew deep down not to put yourself in a situation you were not going to be happy with. But today is a NEW day! God is giving you a chance to start over.
A friendly reminder.

This is simply a new opportunity for me to learn. Three things to remember:

A person who blames others has not begun their journey.
A person who blames themselves has begun their journey.
A person who blames no one has finished their lesson.

Fuel The Soul


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