No excuses!

First post entirely done from my iPhone…

I woke up this morning with plenty of excuses on my mind. Mainly to sleep in and be lazy. 

If I go church mass at 6 pm, no need to get up? (Knowing there was a good chance I might not be able to make that time)

I could pick up breakfast while I was out? (Probably with 1,000 calories!)

I could go for a walk later to suffice for the gym?

Soooo many excuses…

Thankfully I got it together!

I made a spinach and tomato egg breakfast.

I am ready for church with time to spare and enjoy coffee and Ella Fitzgerald

Made a committment to meet my friend at the gym at 11:00 am.

Today…I almost became my pet peeve. People who ALWAYS have EXCUSES. Ughhhh

Excuses are the easy way out. And today, I choose to do better.

Fuel The Soul

(iPhone edition)

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