The world is hers!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine

(This is a rewrite of one of my blog posts many moons ago)

Since around the age of 3, my #LittleLove and I have been exploring the world (through a map on mommy’s Iphone, a table map mat, books and a globe from her Lolo aka Grandpa). I show her where we are in this great big world of ours.  When she was little, we used to let our imaginations run wild of where Tinkerbell might live. Where is Cinderella and her castle? Where is Merida and her Scottish family?

But since then, #LittleLove has been traveling the country. From California to NYC, she has been roaming. Last year, we had a girl’s vacation in NYC for almost a week. She was obsessed. I watched my 6 year old navigate the subway better than most adults without fear or hesitation! Now she is asking is she can go to Paris, London, Ireland, Seattle (yes Seattle), DC, the Caribbean, back to California…

This got me thinking…

#LittleLove has been on over 25 or more flights at the young age of 7. She loves hotels and experiencing new places. This is wonderful for someone like me who loves to travel. I want her to SEE the country… even more…the WORLD!

Time Square-Best friends

If she wants to travel in high school, after high school, or while in college to Europe or anywhere else oversees, that thought does NOT scare me. In fact, I WELCOME it!

I know many parents wish for their child to stay close to home or to maybe even stay with them as long as they can; I admit I am the opposite. While I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, it’s just a different point of view. As far as I am concerned, LIFE IS SHORT, THE WORLD IS BIG! I think it would be terrible to not experience the beauty of God’s work! There is so much to see during our time on earth. Through travel (among other things) I know Little Love can create MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME!

My siblings and I were BLESSED with the amazing experience of living oversees as children. Through work and friends, I have had the opportunity to explore many cities throughout the United States.

image2My hopes are for her to be EXPOSED to different cultures, in their true form. Not the local Chinese and French restaurant!  I mean to go and TRULY EXPERIENCE it. And at this rate, if my Little Love is anything like her mommy,  I know she will experience great things and I certainly will spend the next many years ENCOURAGING her…because she deserves it!

For those of you who know my # LittleLove, you know her IMAGINATION has no boundaries. I wonder what goes through her mind as we talk about taking flights over the great big oceans…to her future destinations.

My Little Love…my EVERYTHING! 

The world is hers

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