Featured Destination

Mama Shelter

Hollywood, CA

I recently traveled to Los Angeles for work and had one night for a quick adventure. I took a chance , as I often do, not going with your typical hotel chains. This time, I booked a stay at Mama Shelter. It was within walking distance of Hollywood Blvd, many restaurants, and the area had such a cool, fun and hip vibe.

I had breakfast downstairs where the staff was incredibly attentive and the food was amazing. I had the pastrami breakfast sandwich! Delish. Too bad I was working at the same time, but if I had to work remote, this was the place!

The decor at the hotel was fun and hip. Movie lines on the elevator walls and scripts were placed in the room. My lamps were Star Wars masks and the view of the hills were incredible. The bar downstairs was welcoming and inviting. It seemed to also be a popular hangout for locals as well. The downstairs was the bar, check in counter and restaurant all in one. At night, it was busy and had a party atmosphere with a dj in the lobby. Great jazz and eclectic music played throughout and writings could be found on the walls and ceilings.

The roof top bar (see featured photo), voted one of the best in Los Angeles, features some AMAZING views of the hills, city and the Hollywood sign. The staff was friendly and kindly took a few snaps of me with the amazing background.

Mama Shelter is located at 6500 Selma Avenue 90028 Los Angeles CA in Hollywood.


*Featured photo from Mama Shelter site

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